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I’m a photographer trained as an illustrator. So how does that work?

I take pictures that tell stories, with the characters, plotlines, and dynamic relationships that all good stories have. Stories of families, stories of siblings, stories of parents and children, stories of babies, and stories of birth.

It’s a special family who invites a photographer into that sacred space where the birth experience unfolds, where mothers and fathers are born with their children, where a brand new person meets his or her parents face-to-face for the very first time. It is holy ground.

And yet, it’s the sacredness that draws me. I’ve been on both sides of the lens here, having photographed both home births and hospital births as well as experiencing the births of my own five children. Each birth is a story that can not be staged and will never be duplicated. It marks the earthly beginning of a relationship that is lifelong. It is the oldest story ever told, and completely new and unpredictable: the way you meet the newest member of the family.

Believe it or not, though the story will be retold many times, all too often the newborn haze takes its toll and many of those details can be lost. Within minutes, baby is wiped clean and clamped free; within hours, her wet wrinkly toes have pinked and plumped. Everyone was right: it goes so fast!

I photograph birth stories because its a different story every time, completely unstaged and unscripted, and every time beautiful. The honor of creating artistic photographs to illustrate your perfectly unique birth experience is a vocation I undertake with humility, discretion, and the greatest of care. I do it because it is worth doing.

Investment for birth coverage reflects the unpredictable nature of childbirth. For a limited time, Im accepting birth clients at a special rate of $599. I can only accept a certain number of birth clients per month, so check availability around your due date and talk details by emailing Becky at today! 





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2015 was a great year for BeeTree, and I’m eager to announce some exciting changes as we move into a new season! First things first: the family photojournalism our clients love is staying put! I can’t wait to see how our current BeeTree families have grown, and am accepting new family clients as well. (Note to fellow procrastinators, and others with great intentions of FINALLY getting some real family photographs taken: as the west Michigan skies warm with the advent of spring, it’s a great time to look ahead at the summer calendar and get family photos on the books!)

The big news is the expansion of birth photography coverage! I’ve been upgrading equipment, revising paperwork and pricing, and getting all kinds of hyped up to tell more beautiful birth stories through photographs.  More details and an expanded birth photography portfolio have been updated in the BIRTH STORIES section above, and as always, I’m happy to answer any questions about this quickly growing section of the BeeTree portfolio.

Good news for you! Whether or not you anticipate a birth experience of your own this year, I’m offering a complimentary 11×14 mounted print for any client who refers a family for birth coverage. (Referral resulting in a paid booking. Offer good for any BeeTree family 2013-present. Email Becky at with any questions.)

Happy Spring, friends!

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I knew that I’d been delinquent in updating my website to reflect the direction my work has taken. I did NOT know I’d let this “new website” sit idle for a YEAR.

(To be fair, that year was spent taking, editing, and delivering lots of photographs. And… selling one house and buying another, moving a family of seven, having a baby, and homeschooling. Really, the fact that I can still communicate in full sentences is pretty remarkable.)


I’m excited and invigorated by the changes that you’ll see rolled out here in the coming weeks. BeeTree has grown and changed in the six years we’ve been serving West Michigan, but the vision of providing heirloom quality, journalistic, fine art photography for families remains. I’m honored to get to do it!

Welcome! Look around! Say howdy!

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BeeTree Photography is eagerly anticipating another busy season of photographing babies, families, and birth experiences! Please bear with us as we tweak this new website to reflect updated portfolio galleries, pricing options, and service descriptions. Please contact Becky any time at or call/text 616.283.0150.

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